June 20, 2023

CWA Recap & Exciting New Features

Andrew Potter

The CWA was wild, to say the least. From the late-night party at Ascend where we checked in over 250 guests in less than an hour on Approach, to countless demos that went well past exhibit hall hours, suffice it to say our entire team had a blast. We really enjoyed getting to see many of our clients in person for the first time! We also got to tease the new product that we have been working on…Route-Setting Management (more details on that soon)!

And, given our recent growth, our engineers didn’t have to slow down at all, and we were able to continue to build and iterate while our sales and support teams attended the conference.  In fact, we released some new features the week directly after the CWA including age-based memberships, and the “All-Day Pass”. 

The “All-Day Pass” is pretty neat.  In Approach, you can now enable a pass to check in to Open Gym, and then use the same pass to check into a yoga class.  Even if it’s on a 10-punch card it won’t force the customer to use another pass, but it will still track the customer’s activity.  For multi-gym operators, the customer can also check into multiple different locations on the same day with a single pass.  This enables better tracking of all the activities that a customer participates in when attending your facility.

And - drumroll please! - we just launched Custom Forms. Custom Forms allows customers who are booking events online to answer customized questionnaires specific to the events or classes that they are attending.

Here are some of our team's favorite Custom Forms features:

  • Create custom Multiple Choice, Choose 1, or Fill-in-the-Blank questions and attach them to any of your bookings, birthday parties, or classes
  • Customers receive automated emails with the forms they need to fill out
  • Staff can see all of the form submissions for an event in a table within the calendar
  • From the guest list, you can email all participants their necessary forms

Stay tuned for our case study going live soon on how memberships billed weekly are changing up the industry. 

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Andrew Potter