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Entirely Cloud Based

  • 21st century functionality for 21st century clients and customers
  • Manage your business operations from anywhere you want on any device
  • No on-site data management required
  • All future platform enhancements and updates automatically updated for customers
  • Infinite scalability

Customer Relationship Management

  • Access and manage customer memberships/passes and product purchases directly from customer profile
  • Access and manage customer household memberships, passes and tickets 
  • Add and remove members of household 
  • Integrated Customer waivers automatically tied to profile
  • Send waivers to head of house hold directly from profile via email 
  • Group Management for teams, groups and recurring parties 
  • Check in household members with passes on account
  • Check in guest with passes on account
  • Guest passes automatically generated based on membership type
  • Track and manage customer order history
  • Duplicate Account Merging functionality
  • Manage and prioritize client notes
  • Create and manage custom certifications
  • Manage payment cards and gift cards through customer profile

Staff Management

  • Manage staff Admin Permissions
  • Manage staff certifications
  • Software automatically tracks every action a staff member takes
  • Add staff to events / classes and receive emails when they are booked
  • Create staff bio’s to display for customers booking classes


  • Manage multiple facilities all from the same client account
  • Manage billing by location
  • Ability to charge memberships to a primary location
  • Any retail purchases at a separate location would remain with that location
  • Manage data for staff, memberships, passes, products, customer waivers by location
  • Manage guest passes by location
  • Manage taxes and products by location
  • Manage membership permissions by location
  • Manage class and ticket access by location
  • Manage Guest Pass restrictions by location
  • Easily add new locations and update current permissions / access

Point of Sale (POS)

  • Integrated payment processing directly in Approach
  • Online payments with the same processor as in person payments
  • Competitive Credit Card processing fees via partner payment processors
  • In-store and online membership / pass / event sales functionality
  • Online ticket sales 
  • In person and online gift card sales 
  • In person and online invoicing
  • Automated emailed receipts for every transaction

Calendar / Booking

  • Easy to use in app calendar functionality
  • Feels like a calendar that you already use every day 
  • Online and in person booking features 
  • First come First Serve Events
  • Private Event Booking
  • Ticketed Events
  • Multi-day ticketed events (purchase one ticket for multi-day access) 
  • Book camps, classes, parties, rooms, and special events online. 
  • Tiered Booking feature (customers can choose multiple price points for a single
  • Customers can pay deposits and invoices online or in person
  • Add limits for maximum or minimum number of attendees on events
  • Easily publish events online or remove them in one click
  • Guest lists on events show who already has a signed waiver
  • Easily create events for both member and drop in access
  • Build group events that are bookable by price per head
  • Reschedule events while maintaining all of the bookings
  • Reschedule a single timeslot in a recurring event
  • Schedule an event and then add a pre-created group to the event
  • Reschedule and individuals booking without refunds or other purchases
  • Check in attendees through the event view with one click
  • Merge calendars with duplicate functions

Integrated Check-in & Document sign

  • Check-in using QR code, email, or phone number
  • Check using tablets or mobile device
  • Create digital waivers
  • Sign waivers for minors and add new members to household
  • Easily check in entire family through self check-in module
  • First time customers get automated welcome email
  • Online waives automatically generate and attach to profile
  • Upon check-in, system automatically checks for the following
  • ~Current Waiver
  • ~Ensures customer is paid for membership / pass
  • ~Checks for current certifications
  • ~Checks Notes based on priority 

Advanced Business Analytics

  • Integration with Amazon QuickSight for advanced data analytics of business operations

Online Portal

  • Customizable with pictures through Approach Main app
  • Fully integrated to calendar and POS for seamless customer acquisition
  • Sell memberships, Passes and Plans online
  • Purchase items and assign to specific household members
  • Sign digital waivers for an individual or household
  • Purchase Gift Cards
  • View and filter online schedule by date, category, and location
  • View and book classes, events, and purchase tickets

Coming Soon

  • When I work Integration for easy to view staff scheduling
  • New automated retention email features

Supported Countries

  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
June 20, 2023

CWA Recap & Exciting New Features

Andrew Potter
May 1, 2023

The Approach Story

Most people have not heard this... Part of that was by design. Here is our story.

Andrew Potter